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Big Sur California 2009

2009 Pay-Plan Salary Packaging
The Package Modelling Tool is the main software used by the company consultants to model the car expenses use for salary packaging. We were engaged to add a new module to the software to allow the company to introduce many fixed packaging options for users. We played an integral part in the interpretation of end user requirements, the implementation and delivery.

2008 Snap Franchising Ltd
Asset Management System
The mission of this project is to create a web application to allow users to order course materials to be printed over the internet. Once the order is confirmed and saved, an email will be generated to the selected printer to be printed and delivered before the course commences. The course materials are managed in a Sharepoint list.
Biztalk processing of End of Month Financial Data
At end of monh, each of the 150 Snap franchise centres across Australia sent their financial data via email to Snap head office to be processed. The mission was to set up a Biztalk server to automatically process these emails, decipher the data which is in XML format and automatically insert the financial data into a SQL database. A SQL reporting services report was designed to report from the financial data from the database. This process has meant that financial result can be reported and compiled as soon as the data is available.
Campaign Management Tool
This is a web application used by the marketing team to manage their marketing campaigns.

2007 Technical Help Desk, Accord/Crox
The mission of this project is to create a Service Help Desk application that allows company clients to log support requests over the internet. The application also provides a management tool for the company support staffs to manage the queuing and escalation of those support requests. Both applications are written in ASP.NET

2006 Field Service Management System, CAPS Australia
The mission of this development project is to provide an effective field service management support system that improves the overall reliability and efficiency of the field service departments in CAPS branches across Australia.
The implementation of an Intranet based on Microsoft Sharepoint Portal technology has provided a platform on which the FSM can be developed more cost effectively than would have otherwise been possible .

2005 The License Application Tracking and Management System (LATMS), Department of Fisheries
LATMS is a database driven INtranet application which allows the users to lodge, register and process a license application, to trace the detailed history of a license as it progresses from lodgement to closure.