Over her short time at Snap Kristina has had a big impact. She built the Training Asset Management system, the Campaign Management Tool and overhauled the underlying data structure used to manage Snap data. The transformation of Snap Data allowed Snap IT to retire older systems and provide information more readily (Translation – Real-time End of Month Centre Sales Reporting, Automation of Karma Data Collection and Proactive Corporate Account Exception Reporting ).
For those of you that didn't have an opportunity to work with Kristina directly, you've missed out on her passion for producing an excellent solution from a business and technical perspective.
Peter Driscoll
General Manager, Information Technology, Snap Franchising Ltd

Stevens Pass 2009

I am very pleased with Kristina's professional approach in working through a very complex set of problems, and dealing with a number of staff. The solution, which was developed from concepts and ideals, delivered tangible and immediate benefits to the company. Her ongoing support and training of staff was also timely and effective.
Rick Cary
Chief Financial Officer / Company Secretary, CAPS Australia Pty Ltd

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Kristina started with PACC Software in late 2003 and quickly became a very valuable member of the team. Kristina tackled any task given to her with great enthusiasm and always delivered the desired results. Kristina commits herself to deadlines and works un-assisted, day and night to get the job done on time and on budget.
Kristina worked as a member of a number of teams throughout her 4 years at PACC and took the architectural lead in all the major projects in which she was involved. She liased with all major clients un-assisted and un-supervised and could always be trusted to get results when it counted. I would reccommend Kristina to anyone who requires her talents as a developer, software archtect and project manager.
Peter Christie
Director, PACC Software Group

Kristina has a high level of technical knowledge but more importantly she understood the importance of clearly identifying goals, requirements, timelines and deliverables before commencing a component of work. This ensured that we were also clear in our understanding of what needed to be done and the expected outcomes.
Glen McIvor
Director, Injury Connect
It is to be acknowledged that Kristina Thong has performed exceptionally well and undertook multiple roles on the SharePoint Workflow project: Business Analyst, Developer, Trainer, Tester, Technical Lead and Production Support. She has also been able to transfer the knowledge to other team members from SMS and ICT Application Support for the ongoing support and maintenance of the workflows. Kristina has also been instrumental for the development of the DSC single Sign On (DSC-SO) portal which went live for the first time with the new electronic forms.
Katrin ChungSan
Projects Manager, Disability Services Commission